Pigeon's Guide to Getting Into Blaseball


Initially, this site was built to be an easy intro to the cultural event of Blaseball for the uninitiated. However, due to the sheer chaos inherent in the splort, even that became somewhat incomprehensible for those new to the site/fandom. As such, I have put together the guide hosted here to hopefully give newbies a leg up on joining said chaos.

Good luck.


Before getting into things, it's important to know how Blaseball is structured. Each Season lasts for one real life week, and is structured as follows:

Main Season

The main Blaseball Season lasts Monday-Friday, starting at 8AM PST on the Monday. There are 99 Game Days, one per hour starting at the top of every hour (unless a game goes into "spillover", which is when it lasts longer than the hour it's slotted for, and the next set of games is pushed back until the next hour). Each team plays a game each Game Day.

Wild Card Series

After the 99th game of the Season, four teams from each sub-league (Wild and Mild) will move on to the Postseason. The team with the most wins from each division (Mild High/Mild Low/Wild High/Wild Low) gets a spot in the post-season, as do the two teams in the subleague (Mild/Wild) with the most wins after those two slots are filled. However, after the regular season concludes on Friday, there is a "Wild Card" Series (a set of games, usually best 2 out of 3, except for the Postseason, which is best 3 out of 5), during which one team from each sub-league that did not qualify is chosen at random to face off against a qualifying opponent from that same sub-league. If they win, they are the ones that move on to the Postseason instead.

Postseason and Finals

On Fridays (the Earlpostseason) Saturdays (the Latepostseason), the qualifying teams face off in the Postseason. These Series operate in a bracket format, process of elimination deciding who moves on to the Finals. The team that wins the Finals wins the Season's Internet League Blaseball championship title.


Election results (I'll go into detail on elections and voting later, so don't worry if it doesn't make total sense now) are revealed at 11AM PST on Sundays, with voting being open throughout the season and up until that time.


Blaseball operates on a three weeks on, two weeks off schedule. This allows time for the developers to rest and work on the site, and for the community to take some time off as well!

Now, on to the guide proper!

Step One: Create an account and choose your team

Account creation is pretty self-explanatory, but team selection can be deceptively counterintuitive. You may gravitate towards the team closest to your real-life geographic location, or perhaps to a name like the Canada Moist Talkers (I know that both shoes fit for me - and no Shoe Thieves have stolen them yet). These are definitely good strategies to use, but it's worth noting that every team in the league has its own subculture! I have provided brief summaries of the teams, pulling largely from descriptions given by members of the teams themselves:

I've decided that my team isn't the team for me! What do I do?

The shop offers an item called the Flute for 2000 coins. It's pretty pricey, especially early game, which is why I recommend choosing your team pretty carefully - it might be a while before you can swap over to a new one.

Step 1.5: Join the Discord

This is by no stretch a necessity, but it helps to build a sense of community with your team. It's also going to help when it comes to things like voting, as it allows you to access your team's strategies more easily (though all the teams have a Twitter account, and are generally pretty good about sharing strategies there as well). Additionally, this allows you to ask questions that I may not cover here. The community is very welcoming to newcomers, and your team would love to help you get into the swing of things!

Step Two: Start betting

Betting is where a lot of people get stuck. You start with a mere handful of coins, and will need to grab some Snake Oil from the shop to bet (which can be upgraded - we'll cover that later). Games begin at the top of every hour, so try to bet as many times as you can over the course of the day. Many strategies exist, and I will be referencing what I personally used to dig myself out of the 0 coin beg-bet* trap, but it's worth looking into others - find out what works for you!

The current best strategy for betting is to bet the maximum amount on any team with a 57% or greater chance of winning, unless they are playing in Black Hole or Sun2 weather, in which case don't vote on the game at all. If you run out of coins, you can Beg for more.

*Hey, Pigeon? How do I beg?

Glad you asked! You can beg by going to the Shop and picking up some Bread Crumbs. These are free, but do take up an inventory slot, of which you've got only eight. It's worth keeping a slot free until you know that you're financially secure - the returns for selling items mean you're taking a hit if you have to make room! Once you've got Bread Crumbs, you can Beg from your inventory screen, accessible via the chair icon on the top (on desktop) or bottom (on mobile) of your screen.

Hey, Pigeon?


Why is the weather on the betting screen so weird?

Weather in Blaseball isn't normal, and changes with every game, as you can see in the forecast present for each game you bet on. Each weather type has an effect:

Step Three: Choose your idol

By now, you've likely zeroed in on some of the more powerful players in the League - powerhouses like Alston Cerveza, Dudley Mueller, PolkdaDot Patterson, or Valentine Games. These are popular choices as Idols - players selected by fans which earn them passive income every game. You can always switch your Idol between games for 200 coins - which may seem like a lot now, but trust me, that's simple pocket change within a couple of seasons. Currently, idolizing a hitter is vastly more profitable and less labor-intensive than idolizing a pitcher, but ultimately it is up to you!

Wait, I change my mind - can I Idolize a hitter/pitcher instead?

The short answer is yes, but it's better to make that choice now rather than after the next step, because once you've started pouring money into upgrading your Idol income, it's hard to justify swapping between the two.

Step Four: Buy, buy, buy!

Head to the Shop (AKA the Concession). There's a lot to look at here, so I'm gonna break it down into tiers according to usefulness:




These items are only handy in certain situations, detailed below:

Step Five: Vote

An election occurs at the end of every season, and votes can be purchased for 100 coins each from the store. I personally recommend buying votes only up until the point where you still have enough money to place your max bet on the second game (you cannot bet on the first) of every season. So, if you've managed to upgrade your max bet to the cap of 1,000 coins, this means that you want 10,000 left over. Votes can be used in three ways: Decrees, Blessings, and Wills


Decrees are big, game changing, and often scary. They generally affect the whole league in some way, and are decided by majority vote. Some seasons only one decree is slated to pass, some allow for up to three.


Blessings generally benefit the receiving team only (though some decrees affect a "bubble" of teams, encouraging some inter-team coordination). These do such an abundance of things that I could not hope to give a fitting summary of here, and I encourage you to look through what's available in a given season for yourself, even if you don't understand all of it yet. These are distributed via a raffle system, with more votes equaling a higher chance (but not at all a guarantee) of winning that particular blessing for your team.


These function similarly to Blessings, being a raffle, but can only be voted on/won by your team. Each team gets two every Election.

How do I choose?

Right now, I recommend that you follow your team's lead. Most teams have some very dedicated strategists who will help guide you in the right direction, and most teams again have some form of suggested voting guide each season. These are never hard and fast rules for what you can and can't vote for, but working with your team is fun! I also would like to encourage you not to purposefully vote for something that your team has stated that they don't want. It's often for a good reason, even if that reason is more to make a good story than it is to make a winning team. Half the fun of Blaseball is in the narrative!

Can I just save my money?

I don't recommend it! An event called Eat the Rich occurs at the end of every season, and takes money from the richest 1% of fans in the game and gives it to the other 99%. You're probably not going to be close to that 1% for a few seasons, at least, but buying votes and using them every week is a good habit to get into.

What next?

Who knows? I sure as hell don't. Buckle in, brace yourselves, and be ready for anything and everything to change. But most of all? Have fun. And, as one famous player once said:

Have Hope