The Archive

You've found something secret! Well, not really, honestly. However, due to the ever-changing nature of Blaseball, some facets of the Guide were no longer applicable, but I wanted to keep them on hand - just in case.

So, this may not be Forbidden Knowledge, but it might be confusing if you're just starting out, so I'd recommend that you wander on back to the guide before snooping around over here.

Ascended Teams

No longer in play, but always in our hearts.

  • Baltimore Crabs: Godkilling, ruthless strategy, and friendship.

  • Forgotten Weather

    Baffling meteorologists everywhere, some types of weather in Blaseball have simply... stopped happening. We look back upon them here.

    Unnecessary Steps

    These were important, at one time. Now? Not so much. But it doesn't hurt to remember...

    Step X: Fight god

    This is very new to the community as a whole, but worth giving a brief overview of for the new folks, because it has become a very prominent facet of the game. Remember that Shelled One I mentioned earlier? Long story short, we've really ticked it off, and it stole all of the players that were trapped in peanut shells (some escaped, but not many) at the end of Season Nine. After the finals that season, the champions - The Charleston Shoe Thieves - had to face off against it in a boss fight reminiscent of JRPGs, a Blaseball game replacing standard combat. They lost, but we're certain that it will happen again. Be ready to work with both your team and the community at large to prepare.

    We've got a lot to lose.